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SHELS Company is the leading national developer of software for GIS, mapping and cadastre works, registration of rights on land parcels and real estate. In Ukraine the company has introduced a lot of network solutions with a unified system of databases and cartographic material. The network version of Geodetic Information System 6 is the best-known in Ukraine. The latest developments of the company allow to create web-based solutions using geo-spatial data.

SHELS company was founded in 2008 but the beginning of the creation of the systems and technology was launched in September 1997. At that time the development of geodetic information system began. The aim was to form the government acts on the right of private property, decisions of councils and a number of forms of technical documentation. Two months later the first version of the Geodetic Information System was created. It increased issue of state acts in 50 times. I will not describe the technique of forming the state acts which was before the creation of the system. It was a very laborious process. There was also control at every stage of any form creation. In April 1998 the second version was created in which there were additional functions of GPS data import, transportation and calculation of the coordinates and formation of boundaries description, lists of coordinates, the state acts on the right of permanent use. From time to time, it was necessary to have the function of cutting the area of the parcel. In May 1999 the third version was completed. It includes not only cutting of parcels but also the algorithm of agricultural land sharing, the soil characteristics of land, as well as information about restrictions, lease and mortgage of land parcels. In June 2000 the fourth version of the system was created.The reason for this was the necessity of forming the state acts together with information about the types of land parcel and printing of the cadastral plans. Finally, in the beginning of January 2002, the fifth version was finished. It has greatly simplified interface for end-user and the version included module of calculating of the average grade on parcel before sharing, taking into account the design of roads. At the same time, the version with mark LT was released for general use. The only restriction is the number of records in the land parcel database.

Other technologies and programs have been developed over the above described period. Among them there is the program of registration and issue of certificates of new and old model, debugged technology of implementation of projects of land allotment beginning from shooting and finishing with technical documentation, and adjusted work for the expert assessment of non-agricultural land and much more.

Currently, the Shels Company distributes any ready-made solutions in the field of GIS technology and registration systems and also develops and supports innovative software products and services professionally. Thousands of people use Software Products developed by the company in their daily work.

The professional team of the company can develop or adapt existing development according to the needs of the customer in the shortest possible time. We are always looking for ways to improve the solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

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