End User License

End User License Agreement
ShelS Company and User

1. License Agreement

This license agreement (“Agreement“) is made between the user (“User“) and ShelS Company (“Developer“), on the software product (“Program“).

Installation and Program use means acceptance of terms of the Agreement by the User. If the User does not agree with some positions of the Agreement or with the Agreement as a whole, the User has no right to install, use and copy this Program.

2. The copyright

The Program is intellectual property of the Developer. Exclusive property copyrights to Program belong to the Developer, including the documentation, the initial text and an objective code. The Product is protected by the law of Ukraine «On protection of the rights to the invention and useful models», «On the right protection of the programs for electronic computers and databases» from 23rd of September 1992, the law of Ukraine «On the copyright and the adjacent rights» from 9th of July 1993. The user has the right to use Program only according to the rights of the User which are present in the Agreement.

3. Terms of Product use and restriction

The developer gives to the User the non-exclusive right for Program use on condition of observance of all positions of the Agreement.

3.1. The rights of the User:

- You can install one copy of the Program on one computer. Such program is called “license program”; - It is allowed to install and use, i.e. to run, display and provide access to the Program copy on the computer. It can be workstation, terminal or any other device (“computer”); - It is allowed to install and store the Program copy on the data storage device (for example, on the network server) used only for work of the Program within a local network of the User.

3.2 It is forbidden for User:

- To transfer or to spread the Program to the Third person by sale, distribution or letting or otherwise, including in the form of initial texts, in commercial objectives; - To transfer to the Third person access options to the site of the Developer for Program installation and updating receiving; - To delete any information on copyrights, to change and/or delete any notices and marks on the copyright; - To crack technology, emulate, create new versions, change, decode, decompile (to transform an objective code to the initial text), disassembler, study the program code in other ways, and also to carry out (allow to carry out) other use of the program without the written approval of the Developer; - To spread copies of separate files, libraries and other program codes included in the delivered package of the Program; - Use of the Program contradicting the current legislation of Ukraine is forbidden.

4. Technical support of the User

The developer delivers the User services of technical support of Program on the terms of operating rules of delivering of technical support of the Developer. The developer undertakes all possible to reduce risk of problems occurrence of technical or other character.

5. An exception of casual, indirect and other certain kinds of damage

The Developer is not responsible for the financial and other losses received by the User at use of Program. Under no circumstances the Developer and its suppliers do not bear responsibility for any special or casual damage, penal losses, the indirect or mediated damage or the losses arising in connection with use or impossibility of Program use, either delivering or not delivering of services on support or other services, data, software and contents in the result or in connection with Program use.

6. Restriction of responsibility and the size of compensation of damage

Irrespectively from character and the reasons of the damage caused to the User or the applied losses (including all without exception cases of damage listed above and/or losses, and also any direct or general damage and/or losses), the maximum size of responsibility of the Company or any of its supplier on any of positions of the license agreement and the size of indemnification cannot exceed the sum actually paid by the User at buying of Program.

7. Terms of the Program use

Program activation is carried out after installation by the User. Activation process is carried out by transfer to the Developer of the activation code displayed by the Program after the first start and entering of the confirming code transferred to the User. The user is informed and agrees that the Program can install additional modules during the Program updating. Such modules are used exclusively for the purpose of expansion of functional of Program.

8. Agreement cancellation

The Agreement is regulated according to the Ukrainian and International legislation. Without damage to any other rights, the Developer has the right to terminate the present license agreement at non-observance of its positions and terms by you. In this case you are obliged to destroy all available copies and components of the Program.

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