2013-01-17 - Service of transportation of coordinate system

Online service for coordinate transportation in Xml and In4 exchange files is added. This service allows you to open exchange files, displays the contents on the image, allows you to adjust the contents of the files, displays the current coordinate system of the selected file, allows to transform the specified coordinate system and save the changed exchange file.

2012-11-30 - GIS 6 Secure

The program GIS 6 Secure is developed. It is used to protect from unauthorized access to the GIS 6 database from external web sites.

2012-11-26 - Land Management

A web page "Land Management" which contains materials dedicated to exchange files formation, legislation, technical documentation, evaluation of land and real estate and a lot of other information is added.

2012-11-14 - GIS 6 WEB Decision

Demo-version of GIS 6 Web Decision is prepared. The current version demonstrates the possibility of using technology for providing of rapid access to GIS 6 data via a web interface. The solution allows to edit and visualize geo-spatial databases created by the user, to display a graphical representation of the operational statistics, use the color filling, depending on the values of semantic information in the databases. It contains a full selection of land parcels similar to those of GIS 6. There is display of the boundaries and parameters of the land parcel. The picture of land parcel maximum corresponds to the display in the window "cameral functions" of GIS 6. There is display of other land parcels and map from GisMapServer.There is display of graphs of assignment of cadastral numbers for the selected period, the statistics on the state of land parcels, monthly information about the created, modified and deleted records. The display of selected exchange files in XML and IN4 format on the map allows to check the overlay with other land parcels.

2012-10-03 - GIS 6 WEB Decision

The work on the creation of web-based solution which allows to extend the mobility of use of GIS 6 data and also the possibilities of the system comes to an end. Now, access to information can be made from any device with access to the Internet or the corporate network. The server part of web-based solution can be deployed in both MS Windows and Unix systems. The solution is developed on the basis of such technologies as Apache, Java, Adobe Flex, MS SQL Server, GisMapServer and Google Map.

2010-01-01 - A new Web site is developed

A new web site dedicated to existing and experimental developments of the Company SHELS is developed.

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